January 8, 2007.

Strategic alliance against carbon dioxide and change of the climate between the high-tech companies Greenfuel (USA) and IGV (Germany)

The worldwidely leading high-tech companies in the field of algal biotechnology, IGV Ltd., and of biodiesel production, Greenfuel, will sign a strategic alliance for 10 years, in Bergholz-Rehbrücke, on January 11, 2007.
Global problems of modern world, world economy and environment will be in the focus of the cooperation. The cooperation of the two companies is aimed at the economically attractive biological fixation of carbon dioxide of industrial waste gases by microalgae and their photosynthesis. Thus, environment is discharged and a conversion of solar energy to biofuel is achieved.
is the slogan of the project. The biotechnological possibilities of using high-productive microalgae and their innovative processing are the new aspect of this strategy. After all, microalgae have the potential to produce oil by 15 times more than the till now most efficient natural oil-plant, the oil-palm. This corresponds to app. 100,000 l oil per hectare. This operns up the chance to the power stations to become free from carbon dioxide and at the same time to produce biofuel in economic quantities.
The worldwide production of biodiesel on the basis of microalgae and the worldwide trade with CO2-emission certificates are the motivating force of the alliance. The subject of the alliance of Greenfuel and IGV is of such an economic and political importance that the contract will be signed in the presence of two ministers of Brandenburg and other high-ranked representatives of science, economy and policy. The Minister of science, research and culture, Mrs. Prof. Wanka, and the Minister of economy of the land Brandenburg, Mr. Junghanns, will appreciate the development of the strategic cooperation between the United States and Germany at this example, all the more since this scientific innovation of significant economic consequences was originated in Brandenburg.
The Greenfuel AC, a spin-off of the renowned MIT and the University of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and IGV Ltd., a private institute rich in tradition for industry-related research, in Potsdam-Rehbrücke, with an abundance of know-how are offering excellent chances of success in the global competition.
The alliance has proven, sophisticated and exclusive technologies of the large-scale production of microalgae. IGV, after all, can refer to more than 80 plants for the production of microalgae, worldwidely sold. This is added up by a novel and innovative technological programme of “catching the sunlight” for an efficient photosynthesis in the low-cost range, especially designed for the requirements of combustion power stations and other large CO2 producers. Further, Greenfuel has an excellent know-how for the separation and processing of algae to energy sources, e.g. biodiesel.
Licenses were granted to international big customers of the energy sector (USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa). Due to the enormous attention of economy to Emissions-to-Biofuels numerous negotations are running, at present.

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