36th Mycotoxin Workshop

Göttingen 16.-18 June 2014

Save the date: 9. & 10. October

Seminar utilisation of side stream from agriculture and food

Continuous production of hard cracker dough

New process in combination with a continuous kneading technique

Biological Microbicides

»Biological microbicides made from algae and plants used in preserving cosmetic formulations« have...

Bioactive algae extracts for the skin

Innovative cosmetics series Aquaflor with products for the face, body and hair.

E-Learning offer

Learning made easy

IGV in the education forum

Scientific level - Potsdam

Foodscan project consortium holds a conference

Development of an automated new biosensor for pesticide residue testing

Master's training recognised throughout the EU

Master bakers and confectioners are in demand

Harvest quality 2013

Detailed testings completed

Reopening of IGV’s outpost

C-MALT malt-manufacture - laboratory for application

Modern Bakery in Moskau

Service range presentation of IGV

Algae from the yard

Photobioreactors and microalgae in agriculture