Microalgae biomass

Microalgae as a raw material for your own application

Microalgae have long constituted the core of research and development at IGV Biotech. With our laboratories, the outdoor photobioreactors and the various processing technologies, we are able to fulfil a wide range of demands.

As the most experienced company in the sector, we offer you microalgae at various processing stages as a raw material for your own application, regardless of whether you want to scientifically explore the potential of a strain or start production with fresh inoculum from our cultures.

Vital microalgae

IGV Biotech offers you a wide range of microalgae species in high quality.

We ship the algae either as a fresh culture suspension or in the separated form via refrigerated express.

Dried microalgae

As a raw material for your end products, we supply you with biomass in the form of powder, pellets, pastilles or chips made from gently spray or sun dried microalgae. If the ingredients are especially sensitive, we also offer freeze drying for smaller batches.

Product specifications are available upon request.