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Engineering school for extrusion

Engineering school for extrusion

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With extensive extrusion engineering equipment from the laboratory to the production machine, IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH disposes of excellent prerequisites for research and development not only in the food sector, but also in the fodder and non-food sector.

In addition to these facilities our technical school is furnished with aggregates to process raw materials and for after-treatment of the extrudates so that diverse tasks can be handled. In all examinations extensive analysing facilities for raw materials, interim and end products are available.

Our technical school features extrusion machines with the following performance profile:

  • · Single worm laboratory extruder (20* D procedural length; throughput 1-10 kg/h)
  • · Single and double worm laboratory extruder Rheocord 90 (25* D procedural length; 1-10 kg/h)
  • · Double-worm extruder (15* D procedural length; 40-100 kg/h)
  • · Double-worm extruder (20* D procedural length; 400-1200 kg/h)
  • · Double-worm extruder (25* D procedural length; 100-400 kg/h)

After processing the raw materials mixing, dosage and milling systems are available. The after-treatment of the extrudates can be realised in many different ways, e.g.:

  • · drying
  • · drying and milling
  • · drying, milling and mixing
  • · drying and sugar-coating
  • · drying gelatines and loosening by deep-frying.

In the field of research and development on food extrusion a team of specialised employees disposes of many years of experience in terms of:

  • · Suitability tests for raw materials including an analysis of ingredients and grain size
  • · Examination of the interrelation between raw materials and product quality in extrudates
  • · Development of recipes for various extruder products e.g.:
    • · snack food
    • · child food products
    • · muesli components
    • · swelling flour
    • · breakfast cereals
    • · breadcrumb mixtures
    • · products with high roughage volume
    • · confectionery
  • · Application tests of products as additive in extrudates
  • · Product development according to internal laboratory and DLG schemes
  • · Development and testing of matrixes to form extrudates
  • · we test your raw, auxiliary substances and additives in our extrusion engineering school
  • · develop recipes on your behalf
  • · carry out special research and development tasks on your behalf
  • · produce in small-tonnage volumes

IGV GmbH is licensed as manufacturer of mixed fodder and pre-mixtures for animal feed.

We work in compliance with the specifications of ISO 9002