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Ecological insulation material Электроинструменты Wortex

Ceralith® W is an insulation material which is manufactured in the extrusion process from vegetable raw materials, in particular rye and natural mineral additives, such as lime and water glass. Ceralith® W is suitable for blowing in and pouring into ceilings and roofs.

Grain group 2 - 4 mm (DIN 4226, part 3)
Granular density 0,105 - 0,115 kg/dm3
Thermal conductivity R WLG 050 / 0,047 W/m*
Behaviour in fire Building material class B2, only combustible if flamed, non-melting
Environment compatibility Ceralith® W is manufactured without conservation, e.g. boron compounds, insecticides resp. pesticides and heavy metal compounds.
Contribution to healthy housing environment Ceralith® W is open to diffusion. Air humidity is absorbed by the granulate and with a reduction of the humidity concentration discharged into the air. Ceralith® W has an insulating effect in winter and a temperature-balancing effect in summer.
Further benefits Biological resistance against damage by mould fungus, rodents and insects. Granulate with free-flowing and flowing property and with low dust content Ceralith® W is biologically degradable within the scope of waste disposal
Licenses General license No. Z-23.11-274 according to construction supervisory board issued by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin.
Ecological product inspection, inspection No. 770/00, recommended according to economic building standard - eco environmental institute Cologne.


Product family Field of application
Ceralith® W Flowing insulation material for cavities which are not exposed to pressure, flat and slightly tilted cavities
Ceralith® A Compensatory filling
Ceralith® T Footstep sound insulation

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