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Static foaming

Static foaming

Procedural information:

Tasks and function:
Static dispersion and foaming method to manufacture homogeneous foams with fine bubbles from foamable solutions in the desired ration of frothy fluid and air resp. inert gas.

Principle of effect:
Dispersing the phases by intensive flow processes due to a conversion of pressure into movement energy; to integrate additional dry substances into the foam a gentle mottling phase has been added to the process chain.

Plant setup:
Simple setup without rotating impact tools consisting of:
Mixing container to dissolve dehydrated egg white, sugar etc. to produce the foaming solution
Foaming pump with storage container
Measuring and feeding compressed air
Foaming/dispersing tube
possibly added continuous mottling device (mixer) for dry substances
The air or gas is fed in via the compressed air bottle/pressure reduction valve or by on-site compressed air. Foaming tube length and diameter can be easily adapted to the throughput and the foaming task.

Performance data:
Small systems VS-100: throughput up to 60 kg foam/h resp. after mottling about 100 kg/h cake mass
Industrial systems: Foaming capacity up to 400 kg foam/h, corresponding in cake mass
production to a throughput of over 600 kg mass.
Required power for small system: 0.75 kW for foaming and 0.5 kW for a mottling device, for industrial plants depending on the throughput and foaming task.

Consistent procedure, space and energy saving, simple machine setup, no additives, such as emulsifying agents / foaming agents or leaven required
Product-related fields of application:
Manufacturing masses for fine pastries consisting of:
Biscuit mass, sponge baked pastry case, sponge capsules, Swiss rolls, sponge fingers
Viennese mass: Vienna baked pastry cases, baked pastry cases with cocoa, baked pastry cases for fruit cakes
Plain cakes: plain and nut cakes, marble cake, stirred cake
Foam masses: Meringues and meringue biscuits, nut biscuits with egg white
Filling for tarts and as dessert, whipped cream, various creams with base (curds, yoghurt etc.)

Use of foams in other applications:
Pharmaceutical foams on gelatine basis and other frothable solutions in the food and non-food sectors.