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Low-temperature baking method

Low-temperature baking method

At IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH a method was developed using an experimental oven to bake rye and mixed rye bread at temperatures 50°C lower than normal baking procedures and nevertheless to offer optimum quality. In this method up to 20% of the previously required energy are saved. The energy savings are achieved by generally low baking temperatures, as well as by savings in the oven heating and idle phases.

The low-temperature baking method comprises the following technical-technological parameters:

  • Optimum control of baking climate during the whole baking process, beginning with the addition of steam (steam addition interval-wise) and a further regulation of the baking air humidity by means of the oven humidity controller BFG 98.
  • Upper and lower heating temperatures tuned to procedural requirements
  • Enhancing the connective heat transmission by special procedural hot air convection
  • Reducing the heat conductivity resistance to the bread base
  • Minimising the oven volume

Service offered by IGV GmbH:
Know-how transfer of low-temperature baking method to develop a new energy-saving oven generation
Cooperation in implementing the low-temperature bakery method
Measuring baking air humidity in ovens
Information and consulting on IGV oven humidity controller BFG 98
Information and consulting on utilisation of waste heat