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Determining quality of full-egg products for manufacturing bakery produce

Determining quality of full-egg products for manufacturing bakery produce

Information on procedure:

Why is it necessary to determine quality?
Similar to any other biological raw material egg products are subject to quality fluctuations on the grounds of their sensitiveness not only towards thermal stress. Knowledge of the raw material quality avoids product risks.

How is quality determined?
Raw material quality means: guaranteed functional characteristics for unproblematic processing. The determination of quality is based on attesting the frothing and foaming characteristics, supplemented by a special baking test without additives and leavens.

How is the quality of the froth determined?
The frothing characteristics are tested under predefined conditions according to the principle of the consistently functioning static dispersion and foaming method. By enabling qualitatively constant foaming the varying ability of the raw egg material enables the incorporation of air into the system. In terms of mechanical and timely stability it is possible to largely register the foaming characteristics.

Does such an effort pay?
Determining quality in raw, interim and processed products is a fixed aspect of modern QA systems. Not only the prescribed quality check pays in an economical sense, but also the substantiated result - even in "difficult" products.