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Product family sixty plus

Product family sixty plus

Bakery produce for seniors

Product information:

This product line was preferably developed for a certain age group, i.e. for seniors from the age of 65 on. In this consumer group the consumption of bread is lower in comparison with the younger age groups, meaning that the consumption of roughage, vegetable protein, water-soluble vitamins and certain mineral substances lies below the required level.

Innovative product range:
In developing the product range for seniors a special recipe with natural raw materials led to a balanced density of nutrients with high roughage level and chewing characteristics.

Product range:
Breakfast rolls, mixed rye rolls with high roughage level, rye-wheat wholemeal bread, breakfast toast with high roughage level.

Product offer:
The products can be sold as fresh bakery produce or as pre-baked deep-frozen produce. Instant flour mixtures have also been developed for all products.