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Extruded swelling flour

Extruded swelling flour

E-mail:, Contact person: Dr. Thomann (phone 89201); Mrs. Schramm (phone 89209)

Our offer:

We develop and produce swelling flour according to your specific requirements from:

  • rye
  • wheat
  • maize
  • rice
  • buckwheat
  • combination of these and other raw materials or
  • special milling of these raw materials

Swelling flour according to customer requirements for the BAKERY BUSINESS enables:

  • influence on the water absorption speed of dough by setting the purity degree
  • controlling colour and taste by raw material selection
  • higher water extraction with identical dough characteristics
  • more reliable processing of dough (less sticky)
  • compensation of natural fluctuations of raw material characteristics
  • improved free-flowing property of bakery mixtures
  • improved preservation of fresh cake

Water extraction in use of extruded rye swelling flour

Water quantity (%) < 0.5 mm

> 0.2 mm

concentration (% in relation to flour).

- The application of swelling meal is advantageous:

  • in processed flour mixtures for household and industrial use
  • as component in baking products and
  • as ingredient in special flour types manufactured by the milling industry.

- Your advantage:

  • Declaration in compliance with the rules of designation as ground cereal product.

- Our service:

  • Development of special swelling flour to meet your specific requirements
  • Manufacturing special batches
  • Manufacturing at institute-run plants with a capacity of 2 t/d.

We work according to the specifications of ISO 9002