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Wheat bran acid-enzymatically modified

Wheat bran Acid-enzymatically modified

Water contents: max. 8%
Total roughage content: min. 40 % dry weight
of which soluble roughage: about 1% dry weight

Min. 80% < 500 µm (grain size can be additionally reduced in size by special request)

Sensory engineering:
Outer condition: even, fine
Colour: brown
Taste: intensively sour
Aroma: bread-like
Feeling in mouth: not straw-like, not hard, not sandy

For enrichment with roughage, without negatively influencing the chewing characteristics e.g. in extrudates. Creates a sour/bread-like taste in the product.

Special features:
Product is darker
Bran is used as a pro rata substitute of starch and/or flour