Regrowing raw materials

Regrowing raw materials - chance for environment and enterprises

Grains as regrowing raw materials: Utilisation of plant raw materials for the development of innovative products for technical applications
Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Lehrack

· Melting of grain products to compact granulates for thermoplastic further processing
· Melting and frothing of grain products to porous materials of low density
· Thermo-mechanic resp. chemical modification of grain products
· Extrusion of agricultural raw materials other than grain
Development of expanded products for thermal and footstep sound insulation Ceralith®
Development of thermo-plastic injection moulding and biologically degradable materials Getrex®
Development of excipients for paper and carton manufacturing swelling rye flour
Development of functional extenders and excipients for the sound-processing industry
Modification of grain products for use in the chemical industry

Application of ROFA® rye fibre materials for erosion protection, greening and recultivating
Contact: Dr. Helmut Wahl

· Embankment, ditch and slope redevelopment
· Recultivation of natural areas which have been damaged and are damaged as a result of industry, tourism and urbanisation
· Renaturation of arid regions with their greening problems on the grounds of unfavourable water household, salinisation, extreme temperature fluctuations, deforestation and fire clearances, oligotrophic ground and urban changes
· Prevention of erosion, in particular by water in areas with high rainfall, erosion-endangered embankments, slopes and ditches, coasts and regions with short vegetation cycles (e.g. high mountain ranges or arctic areas).