Food technology

Research and Technology Centre Bakery Products
Area Manager: Prof. Walter Freund (Master's Degree in Food Chemistry)

Natural science research and development on quality of bakery and confectionery products

Development of system solutions for manufacturing bread, biscuits, exquisite bakery and good-keeping cakes/biscuits tuned to manufacturing and operating requirements. This research institution offers its services to small and large-sized companies in a neutral and confidential cooperation.
Characterisation and use of raw materials
· Assessment of typical raw materials for bakeries and confectioneries in terms of quality and suitability for processing
· Suitability of grain from ecological farming
· Possible fields of use for alternative raw materials
· Development of new raw materials for manufacturing bakery products
Development of interim products and finished products
· Mixtures and concentrates for dough and masses
· Recipes for snacks and convenience products
· Product developments for regional specialities and products for the trade bakery
· Products with health-enhancing effects and for special consumer groups
· Use of rye and rye meal products
· Development of frothed products on egg white-sugar basis
Technical-technological developments on procedural management
· Development of efficient methods for dough manufacturing and for the baking process
· Consistent kneading to manufacture dough for bread, biscuits and exquisite bakery produce
· Low-temperature baking methods
· Novel process management to manufacture frothed masses / frothing processes
· Application of low temperatures in the technological process
Technical development of equipment, machines and facilities
· Machine development for rational manufacturing of innovative bakery produce
· Measuring equipment to optimise the baking process
· Measuring equipment to test the frothing properties / egg product quality
· Measuring systems to determine the dust behaviour

Food technology
Area Manager: Dr. Ralph Thomann

Development of food produce with favourable nutritional-physiological properties for human beings and animals
· Development of processes and products for goods with health-enhancing effects by enrichment with

resistant starch
short-chain non-digestible oligosaccharides and inulin
unsaturated fatty acids
cancer-protective active substances and ingredients

· Process and product development for dietary foodstuffs, gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-reduced
· Development and processing methods for agricultural produce, e.g. for buckwheat or wild fruit
· Development of processing methods to manufacture semi-finished products and interim products, e.g. on the basis of Jerusalem artichoke, linseed, roughage isolates of rye
Technical-technological know-how
Raw material and product assessment, product development and procedural optimisation on the basis of long-year extensive experience in research, development and practical operations.

Grain and milling products
Nutrient products
Farinaceous products

Cultivation, processing and product innovation of

Jerusalem artichoke
Sea buckthorn
Medicinal and herbal plants

Demonstrating new farming and utilisation means for regional agriculture
· Consulting and training for agricultural processing
· Conceiving processing lines
· Determining the suitability of residual products from agriculture and food processing as raw materials for new products