Area Manager Dr. Dr. Otto Pulz

Research and development to utilise the potential of mircoalgae to create bioactive substances
· Protection against cell damage and free radicals by anti-oxidative complexes
· Stimulation of immune system by polysaccharides
· Anti-tumoral and anti-mutagenic effect of watery, ethanol and C02 extracts from microalgae biomass
· Stabilisation of metabolic and circulation processes by vitamins, lipids and minerals
Cultivation of special algae species with the aim of achieving high-quality natural substances for nutrition, medicine and cosmetics and of ecological redevelopment
· Waste water purification by adsorption of heavy metals
· C02 adsorption and utilisation for biomass production
· Research on closed aquatic ecological systems
· Development of tensides and sorbents
Product concepts for the health food sector
· Enrichment of yoghurt products, bakery products and dough products with microalgae and their effective components
· Health care products and supplementary food products
· Cosmetic products
· Fodder
Technical-technological research and development on farming methods and systems
· Customer-specific planning and construction of photobioreactors with capacities ranging from 10 to 10,000 l
· Customer-specific planning of complete production systems including separation and processing technology
· Development of procedural parameters for biocatalyst production
· Cultivation and processing of algae biomasses in pilot dimensions for small-tonnage productions
· Service for operators of algae biomass production sites