ISAP Hallifax

Treffen Sie unseren Experten Prof. Dr. Dr. Otto Pulz in Hallifax. Dort wird zu vielen neuen Ergebnissen der angewandten Forschung im Bereich der Algenbiotechnologie berichtet.
Der Vortrag zu Forschungsergebnissen der IGV GmbH wird von Prof. Dr. Dr.Otto Pulz am 21.Juni gehalten.

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030  Microalgae a largely untapped reservoir of novel and valuable compounds

O. Pulz, IGV Institut fuer Getreideverarbeitung GmbH, Nuthetal, Germany

Since recently, microalgae are cultivated in various types of technical systems. The question today is how to design system that introduce best both Co2 and sunlight – two main sources of microalgal biomass to grow. the sources of Co2 are various, but mostly it mean industrial “waste products” like stack gases from cement plants or other industrial productions. To put into operation a zero emission plants is a future goal.

The existing closed photobioreactors of the plate and tubular type configuration , which are producing cell densities up to 10 E9 ml-1 and high biomass concentrations are used for the biotechnological production of high value products like colouring agents, PUFA and algal polysaccharides of pharmalogical potential and cosmetic ingredients.

New configuration shall make other products economical like bioplastics or cement enhancers which do not require the high standards of quality which have to be met for human / animal consumption products.New potential fields for the more economical configuration are in the bioenergy sector, whether as biodiesel or bio-ethanol or other bioenergy products, but also for traditional products like animal feed.

Among more than 40,000 species of microalgae, lies the huge potential for the future products. Still the relevant strains especially for the bioenergetical use have to be identified and field tested. The IgV gmbH sold worldwide over 180 photobioreactors, some in cooperation with Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A. the IgV gmbH gained reference through the development and construction of a 700 m³ photobioreactor facility in Kloetze, germany a single 85.000l PBR in Spain and the testing of other designs in Az, USA  and BBg, germany.

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